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Nextbus Project Update

Oldie but a Goodie

Today I revisited an old project I wrote a couple years ago in C++ named nextbus. It’s surprising to me that the smallest, most insignificant things I’ve written tend to be the most useful and have the longest lifespan. I guess it aligns with the Unix philosophy of “Do one thing, and do it well”, right? The nextbus app isn’t anything spectacular. Heck, it isn’t even written that well! (What do you expect after only one semester’s worth of C/C++ training?) However, it accomplishes its mission: giving me timely bus route information with a few quick keystrokes without having to leave the shell.

The functionality I wanted to add was to be able to list the bus stop numbers for any given route. I had some adventures on unfamiliar bus routes today, and (as usual) I found using the Cyride website to be frustrating. I knew what route I needed to take, but without knowing the stop number, I was unable to use my nextbus app to get time predictions. Time to update my app!

Luckily it wasn’t too big of a change. Despite being written by a novice C/C++ developer, the code design was good, so adding the new feature was a clean and pain-free process. I made the necessary updates, but I only made a minimal effort in cleaning up the code 1. I added an .editorconfig file, reformatted all the files, and cleaned up some imports, but I didn’t do much else. Not really worth the effort at this point. Any cruft, despite being a bit unsightly in places, is harmless. On top of that, I’m the only one using the app, so there’s nobody else to care about it being perfect!

Future Plans

I know, per the nextbus project page, I previously had “future plans” to implement a Raspberry Pi LCD display to show nextbus predictions. However, over Christmas we got a new Amazon Echo, and I’ve been itching to try to write something for it. I think it could be a cool project to get nextbus working over the Echo. Just imagine it…

“Alexa, when’s my next bus to school?”

"Your next bus will arrive in seven minutes."

“Gee Alexa, you’re a lifesaver!”

"Go get 'em, tiger. *wink wink*"

That would be pretty sweet, right? ;-)

  1. NOTE: Previously I had only ever worked on C/C++ projects in emacs, so opening it in CLion made me cringe at the tab/space combinations of indentation in places! Yay for modern IDEs!